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We are open when it's Hot and when it's Cold!

On Occasion we are closed in extreme inclement weather. Call when you are not sure 301-948-3505

*** No Appointment Necessary! ***

BASIC WASH    $15.95*         
Soap & Water Wash
Interior Vacuumed
Windows Cleaned
Dash Towel Clean
Car Wiped Down   
Wash Plastic/Rubber Floor Mats (2 only)     

THE WORKS $18.95* Value Package
Cream Polish Sealant
Minor Bug Removal
Minor Tar Removal
Underbody Rinse-Salt Eats at Cars

THE SUPER WORKS $21.95* Extra Value Package
Tri Foam Wax
Poly Cream Conditioner
Clear-Coat Cream Polish
Tire Shine
Air Freshener        
Increase Shine
Wheel Brite

Hot Shine Best Value$28.95
Simoniz Hot wax and Shine (pure carauba wax to shine and protect)
Rain-X- Complete Surface Protectant (Repels Rain for Enhanced Visibility and Safe Driving)


Tire Shine  $5.00
Shampoo/Floor Mats (4)  $15.00
Rim Wheel Detailing (4) Hand Clean $24.00

Rain-X $5.00

EXPRESS WAX    $49.95
Includes Free Baisc Wash             
We Use Blue Coral and Simonize Waxes
Recommended for All Clear-Coat Cars

Express Carpets Shampoo $45.95

Extra Dirty cars will be Charged Accordingly 

Express Interior Super Clean $69.95
FREE Basic Wash and Super Vac Cervices in Seats
Back Window Ledge
Hard to Reach Area
Dash, Control Panel & Console
Door Panels/Door Pockets/Door Jams
Extra Dirty cars will be charged accordingly

Leather & Cloth Seats Clean & Condition

Per Seats $10.00 Each

Per Bench Seat $15.00

Extra Dirty seats will be charged accordingly

Floor Mats
Front & Back Mats (4)  $15.00
Long Mats
Van/Truck/SUV  $13.00

Head light recondition prer light $25.00

All SUV, Vans, Mini Vans, Large Vehicles $10 added



6 Basic washes
Only $86.15 save 10%

6 Works washes
Only $100.06 save 12%

6 Super Works washes
only $111.95 save 15%

Hot Shine Washes
Only $142.45 save 18%